31 October 2010

The other Boleyn sister, My 13th Great Grandmother

As many who research genealogy know when you get back to your 13th great grandparents there are quite a few of them. Lets just say there are quite a few thousand of them. One of those in our family is Mary Boleyn along with her husband William Carey.

Mary was the Other Boleyn Girl portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the 2008 movie. Although Mary was supposed to be the prettier of the Boleyn sisters I am quite sure Scarlett portrayed her beauty adequately.
Having a GGM who was around the courts of King Henry VIII is interesting even though the stories about her may have been dramatized for the sake of making good movies and stories. Rumors do tend to grow.

Many of us have royal lines at some point in our history and our family is no different. Our branches and twigs weave through many royal families as well as many more common lines.

If you are interested in searching your family tree and seeing where your roots lead I urge you to find out what you can and then ask as many living relatives as possible for more. Then ask those who are also searching, visit some of the links on genealogy sites and blogs.
Join websites such as www.new.FamilySearch.org  (use the link or type exactly using the 'dot' between new and Family)
Have fun, learn a lot and you will want to find out more.

30 October 2010

How did you find this blog

Since I have had trouble googling my own blog I'm interested in knowing how and where those of you who are following my blog managed to find me?
I am glad to have some followers and hope that those who are searching the same ancestral lines and branches will ask questions about some of the names so that I can get an idea of interest and posts to put up.

29 October 2010

Name of this blog

This Blog received it's name: "Doctors, Preachers, Pioneers, Statesmen, & Folk" from the fact that our family history consists of numerous doctors, reverends and church leaders, pioneers, political and government leaders, noblemen and women, and a lot of just plain folk. For this reason the blog title came to me as I pondered what to call my blog.
This blog was created after taking part in a local genealogy conference and leaning about blogging.
I decided to create a blog to share family history facts and stories with family members both near and far and to provide a platform through which others could share their stories about members of the same families.
It is my hope that through sharing we might be able to help each other in our family history research.
Some of my family lines have been traced back as far as 27 plus generations while others are less productive only being able to be traced 3,4, or 8 generations. Many seem to have dropped out of the sky at some point with nothing to be found before a certain ancestor. This is where I believe we can help each other to find the seemingly missing ancestors.

24 October 2010

Surnames actively searching

Some of the surnames I am presently searching are:
Brock, Colton, Crabtree, Denison or Dennison, Duffill, Fales, Fast, Fehr, Flower, Hay, Jenks, Gynkes or Jenks, Jenckes, Keating, Keeting, Longbottom, March, Miller, Palmer, Stanton, and Taylor.
Anyone having information on any of these names is welcome to inquire  or to offer information.


Hello fellow genealogists;
I am new at this blog thing so please bear with me.
This Blog is set up to share and discuss my family's genealogy and hopefully help those searching the same lines.
In my family we are lucky to have many genealogists who have done a great deal of research and work on many of our lines. One of them has devoted thousands of hours to documenting, researching, and sharing family histories, photos, and research notes with family members. Thanks Joy.
Others have also contributed much as well and some have their own websites.
This Blog is not to distract from any of their efforts and valuable work, but to recognize it and give credit to this very valuable resource without which I would still be digging up little scraps of paper with limited information.
My thanks goes to all who have contributed and to those who are also researching the same lines and will hopefully contribute further.
May we be able to help each other.
I have attempted to protect the names of those who do not wish to have their names published and of the living.
All posts will be monitored for appropriateness.
Commercial ads will not be permitted.
As this blog progresses links may be added to selected related websites.
Surnames in our family history are in two lists.