21 November 2010

Where's my Famiily? - LONGBOTTOM Update

Since last posting my question about my Longbottom family line I have had a ged com sent to me by one of my sisters and I did some searching through my files and found two envelopes full of family group sheets, pedigree charts, documents, and other notes that I had been given by my father and my sister several years ago but had never found time to enter into my computer program. I also did a bit of additional checking to varify some of the info found.
As with most genealogical research, the more I found the more questions came up.
Here is some of what I discovered:

William Chambers Longbottom b. 1870 parents are David Daniel Longbottom b. 1846 East Retford, Yorkshire, England and Betsy (or Elizabeth) Chambers b. 1851 West Retford, Yorkshire, England.
William C. had two brothers: Reuban (or Rhuban) Longbottom b. abt 1872 and Jack (likely John) Longbottom b. abt 1874.
Jack was a builder; Jack had his own building company and lived in Woodhouse, Sheffield, Yorks, Eng. Jack died abt 1939 or 1940 per nephew, Albert Longbottom.
Reuban worked in coal mines in Clowne, Derbyshire, Eng. Reuban died at Clowne Near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England after his brother Jack, who died after brother William, who died abt 1937 - per Albert Longbotttom, nephew of Reuban.

William Chambers Longbottom and Elizabeth Ann Colton had the following children:
David Daniel Longbottom 2 who never married and died age 25
Edith Maud Longbottom b. 4 Feb 1898 d. Retford, Notts, Eng. Edith also never married and d. 1970-1979 at Barnsley, Yorks, Eng.
Walter John Longbottom b. 16 Nov 1900 Retford, Notts, Eng. d. Mar 1986 Retford, Notts, Eng. Walter John marr Dorothy (Dot) Longbottom (his cousin) at Woodhouse, Sheffield, Yorks, Eng.
Constance Amelia Longbottom b. 22 Nov 1904 Retford, Notts, Eng. Constance marr. Norman Read.
Charles Henry Longbottom b. abt 1907 marr. Nellie Beedham they had no children.
Albert Edward Longbottom b 2 Dec 1911 East Retford, Notts, Eng. d. 8 Jul 1998 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Albert was married 3 times and had a total of six children. Albert was a baker by trade and served as a cook in the RAF during WWII.
Ellen Goldsmith Longbottom b. 13 Feb 1914/1915 Sheffield, Yorks, Eng. marr. John Malkin

David Daniel Longbottom's parents are Uriah Longbottom b 1794 Alpine, Yorkshire, Eng. and Mary (Hempsell, Hempsoll, or Hempsall).

Elizabeth Ann Colton's parents are Walter Colton b. abt 1850/1851 Retford, Notts, Eng. and Amelia Saul (?) b. abt 1852 Retford, Notts, Eng.
Walter Colton and Amelia's children are:
Elizabeth Ann Colton
Sarah J. Colton b. abt 1875
Walter Colton Jr. b. abt 1877
Tom Colton b. abt 1879

If anyone can add to the information I have please let me know.
I am still looking for more information on the Longbottom line and all related lines.
I have more on some of the living family but will not publish it as long as I believe they may be living. Any new information given to me on living individuals will not be published without their express consent and will only be retained in private family files.

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