04 November 2010

Free Obituaries Online

I would just like to mention one of the links I've included in my list of Great Family History Links. Free Obituaries Online or Free Obits Online is a website I have been using for quite a few years to access local obituaries as well as to link to obits in many parts of the world, both current and archived. I have found it very valuable in both family history research and in just keeping up on people I know who have passed on before me.
The website is managed by Linda MacKinnon who I would say has provided a great source of information for many of us. It is a big undertaking and I believe she deserves much thanks for putting this website together and keeping it up-to-date.
Since I have found her site very valuable I asked her permission to put a link on my blog.
Visit her site and see if it can help you in your research.

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