31 October 2010

The other Boleyn sister, My 13th Great Grandmother

As many who research genealogy know when you get back to your 13th great grandparents there are quite a few of them. Lets just say there are quite a few thousand of them. One of those in our family is Mary Boleyn along with her husband William Carey.

Mary was the Other Boleyn Girl portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the 2008 movie. Although Mary was supposed to be the prettier of the Boleyn sisters I am quite sure Scarlett portrayed her beauty adequately.
Having a GGM who was around the courts of King Henry VIII is interesting even though the stories about her may have been dramatized for the sake of making good movies and stories. Rumors do tend to grow.

Many of us have royal lines at some point in our history and our family is no different. Our branches and twigs weave through many royal families as well as many more common lines.

If you are interested in searching your family tree and seeing where your roots lead I urge you to find out what you can and then ask as many living relatives as possible for more. Then ask those who are also searching, visit some of the links on genealogy sites and blogs.
Join websites such as www.new.FamilySearch.org  (use the link or type exactly using the 'dot' between new and Family)
Have fun, learn a lot and you will want to find out more.

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