29 October 2010

Name of this blog

This Blog received it's name: "Doctors, Preachers, Pioneers, Statesmen, & Folk" from the fact that our family history consists of numerous doctors, reverends and church leaders, pioneers, political and government leaders, noblemen and women, and a lot of just plain folk. For this reason the blog title came to me as I pondered what to call my blog.
This blog was created after taking part in a local genealogy conference and leaning about blogging.
I decided to create a blog to share family history facts and stories with family members both near and far and to provide a platform through which others could share their stories about members of the same families.
It is my hope that through sharing we might be able to help each other in our family history research.
Some of my family lines have been traced back as far as 27 plus generations while others are less productive only being able to be traced 3,4, or 8 generations. Many seem to have dropped out of the sky at some point with nothing to be found before a certain ancestor. This is where I believe we can help each other to find the seemingly missing ancestors.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - and Geneabloggers! I love the name of your blog - look forward to reading more.